Boston Terriers are like no ordinary dog, as a matter of fact Boston Terriers are quite unique and special. They have the ability to learn very quickly due to their high intelligence. Along with either strong characteristics such as good agility, obedience and have high tolerance to therapy work. Boston Terriers have “Man’s Best Friend” written all over them.

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However, not everyone is meant to like the same things. So of course Boston Terriers are not meant for everyone. Much like a human companion, Boston Terriers require a lot of time, love and attention. Without the right care and love Boston Terriers will not get far. Let’s put it this way, Boston Terriers are not to be outside dogs.

Like all dogs, Boston Terriers are of course very active dogs that enjoy playing. So with playing being in their nature, it is best advised to have them undergo basic training. This is important as they may want to play with you and jump on you or could give you an occasional little nip whilst playing. Sadly due to this some Boston Terriers have been either given away, put up for adoption or dropped off at dog pound and im sure you would not want this to happen. So make sure you give your Boston Terrier some basic training.

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Boston Terriers have become quite popular due to their great companionship and adorable cute looks. Boston Terriers are known to have a few health issues, some of which require expensive Veterinary special attention. So before going out and getting yourself a cute Boston Terrier of your own. It is always best to do a bit of research before doing so. Before adopting a Boston of your own be sure to ask for assistance in making sure you are given a healthy and well mannered one. Also not forgetting that they should be well and up to date with vaccinations. Best option would be to visit reputable breeders that has health clearances on their dogs.


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Angel, she will be 8 years old on 8-14.  Angel is a very loving and affectionate little girl.  She loves to play with toys and go on walks.  Angel is great with kids and is house broken.  Angel needs to be in a home where she is the only dog.

Angel was my grandmothers dog until my grandmother fell ill.  At that time my wife and I were watching her but unfortunately my grandmother recently passed away and we are unable to provide Angel a permanent home as we already have a Boxer and a Bullmastiff.




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